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Dog Training Near Me

Private Dog Training  Adelaide

Do you have a dog that…

  • Doesn’t Listen
  • Wont come when called
  • Hyper Active
  • Reactive to other dogs and.or people
  • Jumps on visitors or guest
  • Pulls on the lead
  • Doesn’t stay when you tell it
  • Isn’t calm around the house

Dog Training Adelaide can help

There is absolutely no reason you need to take your dogs for months  and trundle up and down an oval with 10 other owners and dogs and still not achieve the outcome you wish. In group training classes there may be other dogs (maybe even yours) that is disruptive. The trainer will not have enough time to specifically help you.Most probably put you further away from the other dogs maybe even train alone in another area( yes it happened)

With one on one private dog training you receive my 100% time and attention. My course is a structured 6 week course where you dog will become a responsible ,calm pet that you can take out with the surety that it wont misbehave. A responsible dog is a well behaved and calm dog  and with over 17 years experience i have no doubts what ever your dogs behavioural problems i have seen and fixed them

Ready for a reliable dog call me now

Do you need food to train a dog
An obedient and well trained dog is one that will listen to you and respond to your cues without the need for food. If your dog will not respond unless it knows you have food, all you are actually doing is luring your dog. Don’t be fooled by trainers that will show you dogs they say are trained, yet need to carry food with them to convince the dog to respond to their cues. Or inform you that your dog is now fully trained, but told you must always have food with you as a reward.
Food can be a great motivator to start your dogs training and for establishing positive markers. However, unless your dog will respond to you without food, and around distractions, you do not have a well trained or obedient dog, but a dog still in the very early stages of its training.
It doesn’t take much skill to teach a dog to lure for food without any or minimal distractions. Dog trainers that try to convince you that your dog is now fully trained because it responds to you because you have a treat in your hand are taking your money under false pretenses.
Private Dog Training
private dog training

Real Dogs Real people Real world. How many other sites show dog in action?

Winston the Beagle was surrendered due to a change in his families circumstances. Unfortunately Winston had received little training throughout his life and consequently was a difficult dog to live with and caused problems with his owners new living arrangements. They decided the best thing to do would be to find him a new home and he was surrendered to us at Private Dog Training Adelaide to first spend some time in training before having his vetwork completed and going to a carefully chosen new home.
Winston was a nightmare to walk initially. This clip does not show how bad he really was but to give you some idea it was not uncommon for him to choke himself to the point of vommitting on walks despite his owners best efforts and use of a harness to stop this from happening. As you can imagine, he was not often walked – it was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Winston is a very smart dog and it did not take long at all to teach him how to walk on a lead properly. All he needed to know was what was expected of him and what he could no longer get away with. Now that Winston can be walked regularly with ease his behavior around the home is much improved and he is no longer engaging in destructive

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