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All Breeds Dog Training Adelaide

Consistent,predictable and reliable positive dog training outcomes

Our Vision

Giving a quality and positive dog training experience to clients and dogs by using a balanced and common sense approach

Our Mission

To bring out the best in your dog  in a time  and cost efficient way.

Our Values

When you train with us, we build a relationship with you. We get to know you, your dog, your situation, and your goals with your dog so that we can best advise you throughout the training process. Mediocrity in dog training just isn’t good enough. We want our dogs to listen, especially when we need it the most!
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Dog Training Adelaide

I offer a range of services from puppy preschool class and private dog training classes for all levels. I specialise in all types of behaviour problems and modification

To  Book a class  or for more information  contact us via email or phone.

Getting a new puppy?

Setting structure for your puppy is of utmost importance for having a well behaved dog


Need dog training?

Dog Training Adelaide Offers private individual classes with 100% attention to only you and your dog


Behavioural problem? 

Most behavioural problems are caused by lack of structure and your dog not knowing what it can and cant do


We can provide solutions to all your dog’s needs.

Our Services

We train dogs.We guide puppies. We fix behavioural issues.With over 17 years experience in dealing with dogs you  can be sure any behaviour or lack of can be improved
Adelaide dog Obedience

Private Dog Training

There is absolutely no reason why one would need months and months of dog training to have a well mannered calm dog. Over 17 years i havve developed a system where in six weeks of one on one training you can have a well trained calm and obedient dog

In home puppy classes

In Home Puppy Classes

My in home private puppy classes ensure your dog doesnt get pounced on, pawd or even mauled at a “puppy school”Where as most believe puppy socialisation is puppies playing together it does nothing for social skills regarding aanything else. Puppies need structure from the start to know what is expected of them . Puppies DO NOT grow out of bad behaviours

in home behavioural consults

Behavioural Consults

Most behavioural problems that dogs may have are actually caused by their unknowing owners . Things that the owner may think are helping the dog only reinforce the actual behaviour th are trying to stop


What Our Customers Are Saying

I just finished the six week training yesterday, best thing I could have done, in fact I was already impressed by week one.I have a 12 month old Kelpie and am so glad we did the training, she is so much easier to walk and exercise and therefore much happier. Stef certainly understands dogs, I think Winnie will miss her Friday sessions. Highly recommend!!!

Stephen Arrizza

Just finished my 6 week course with Stef, and my dog is a whole new dog (even after the first lesson she was amazing), I’m no longer being dragged around when I walk her and now she listens to me and commands. Stef is professional and very easy to get along with and my dog and I took an instant liking to him. Cannot recommend Stef enough for the amazing work and training skills


Dog Owner

We came with a very dog aggressive dog. It had already seen 2 other trainers both force free.He was also put on 2 different medications to supposedly calm him down. On the proposal by stef to take him off medication we asked the vet and he gave us the go ahead. Within 4 weeks there was a vast amount of difference in such a way that we could walk him in public. Though he isn’t perfect around other dogs the advancement he has made is unbelievable. Stef had invited us to go back into intermediate class where he is learning more self control.
All we can say is Stef literally has saved nicks life as he was the last option. Helpful sincere honest and too the point .We would recommend Stef to anyone who has a dog that needs training

Juliana Smith

Dog Owner

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Reliability off lead

should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.


An action which brings about the condition for some favourable memory will most likely increase the desire to repeat the action in the future.  While at the same time, an action which brings about the condition for some unfavourable memory will most likely decrease the desire to repeat the action in the future.


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