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Dog Behaviour Consults

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This one-on-one, in home dog behaviour consults is perfect for people trying to come to grips with the basics of dog training or looking for a professional eye to point them in the right direction. With my help you will discover what your dog is trying to communicate to you, how they learn, be taught some basic training skills and given some sound advice your dog’s behaviour including behavioral problems.

Dog Behaviour Consults

As stated, most dog behavioural problems in dogs develop due to the relationship the dog has with the owner/family, and the dogs environment. In most cases the relationship from the dogs perspective has become unbalanced, and therefore the dog is having problems understanding its place within its social group (the family), which in turn can result in problems such as overly assertive or submissive behaviours, aggression, and stress and/or anxiety related behaviours, and many other unwanted learned behaviours.
During my home dog behaviour consults I first sit with you and the family and discuss the history of your dog/s and the behavioural issues you are having. Once I have a full understanding from your perspective, I then focus on the dog and its relationship with the family and its environment. I then put you on a course of action by firstly explaining why your dog is behaving the way it is, and then demonstrate how to modify your dogs behaviours. Most clients see major changes in their dogs behaviour during the first consultation.
By accepting and implementing a more balanced approach to your relationship with your dog, I will empower you with a confidence that will in most cases help you build a relationship with your dog you didn’t believe was possible. By following my guidance and advice you will view your relationship with your dog from a new perspective, and your dog will then naturally relate to you from a position of understanding you better.

Dog Behaviour problems we commonly deal with in our Dog Behaviour consults

The main behavioural problems we deal in dog behaviour consults are anxiety related. These behaviours are often irrational, disruptive to the household and detrimental to the health and welfare of the pet. Some examples of anxiety related problems include:

  • Aggression
  • Barking.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Noise and thunderstorm phobias.
  • Fear/anxiety.
  • Compulsive behaviours – eg. tail chasing.
  • Destructive behaviours.

Don’t blame the dog

You should never blame your dog for its behavioural issues. We need to look honestly at ourselves and the way we relate to and interact with our dog to have an understanding of why our dog behaves the way it does. Our dog looks to us for guidance, but unfortunately in many cases dog owners are unintentionally giving mixed signals to their dogs and therefore confusing them. This inconsistency with your dog contributes to the many behavioural issues you are possibly having, such as aggression, anxiety, etc.