Adelaide Puppy Classes and Dog Training

Firstly congratulations on acquiring your new puppy. As with most first time dog owners i find that most don’t know where to start with their new puppy.

Let us at Adelaide Puppy School Help

Our puppy courses are for any puppies from the age of 10 weeks up to 22 weeks.

This period is very important for the development of your dog. Most things that are learnt through this stage stay with the dog for the rest of its life albeit good or bad.The early stages in a dog’s life are critical for his development into a happy, safe, and loving pet. Fears and aversions developed during puppyhood can be altered, but never completely obliterated, in adulthood.

Why not let Dog Training Adelaide help you have an obedient and responsible dog by leading you through training from puppy classes all the way to advanced training if you wish

We believe that all dogs  should have at least minimal training. That training should be through puppy school. Because puppies are in such a stage of life where they can learn quicker and any starting unwanted behaviours can be treated with quickly. Why train reactively when one can be proactive in their approach. A balanced puppy normally becomes a balanced dog

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  • Personalised Friendly Support

  • Develop Good Habits

  • Teaching Manners/name recognition

  • Leash walking,sits,drops and recalls

Held on Sundays at 9.30 and 10.30 am at the Ingle North Primary School. This is our most popular course .Bookings are essential.Having classes of no more than 10 dogs (exceptions may occur). In these group scenarios we train from Basic Obedience up to Advanced skills

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  • Personalised Support

  • Multiple Levels of Obedience

  • Balanced Training Philosophy

  • Consistent and Predictable Outcomes

Sometimes clients haven’t time to attend regular classes or they only want to deal with a specific issue. If this sounds like you then private one on one home visits may be for you. We can discuss ways to deal with these issues in the comfort of your own home. Be it anxiety issues,resource guarding, bite inhibition , general good manners or just about any issue.


  • Personal One on One Advice

  • Biting ,resource Guarding

  • Anxiety issues

  • Fear,timidness

This is for the client that wants a no nonsense fast paced course. With small classes of no more than two dogs and a choice of a 6 week or twelve week course you can look forward to a dog that performs reliably to the standard of the course.

The operative words here are responsibly perform . This means that your dog will be as dependable at performing these exercises (regardless of distractions) as you are at stopping for red lights.

In the next 12 weeks you and your dog will come to know each other in a new way. He will learn to respect and yield to your every command, and you will learn how to keep him from a life of needless constraint, or worse. To develop this new Master/Dog relationship you must first recognise a few truths.

Truth #1: Your dog is a self serving opportunist whose natural pursuit in life is satisfying his natural drives.

Truth #2: Your dog is your responsibility. Not mine, not your neighbours, and not your mother’s.

Truth #3: Your dog is a liability. Simply illustrated, if he chews up your Reeboks you write the check to replace them..

Truth #4: Your dog is entitled to your attention and totally dependent on your good care.

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