Dog Training Adelaide And Puppy School


Our Puppy and Basic Courses continue over the xmas break


Our intermediate course starts on Sunday February 4th

 New Basic Obedience Course Starts on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4th 2017.  Book Now !
 Puppy Classes No Need to Book Start from 10 weeks old  More Info Here

Want a well behaved socialised responsible dog ?
Let the team at Dog Training Adelaide assist you with the best training solutions for you and your dog. Let your dog reach its full potential in becoming a member of your family and a happy, well socialised ,responsible and obedient dog.
We provide an extensive range of Dog related services to Adelaide’s residents and businesses for all breeds of dogs with our training centre in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.Our training grounds are situated at North Ingle School,7 Rothwell Avenue, Ingle Farm Adelaide SA 5098

What We Do
Dog Training Adelaide


We can help your dog with

  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Toilet training
  • Off lead walking
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Unreliabilty & Unpredictabilty
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Reactivity

Puppy School

puppy classes

Our Puppy School accepts dogs from the age of 10 weeks.

  • Name recognition
  • Basic Socialisation
  • Walking on a lead
  • Sits
  • Drops
  • Stands
  • Discuss Dog Behaviour
  • Teaching Learning Priciples
International Association Canine Professionals

National Dog Trainers Federation

Training group classes on Sundays from 9.30 am Training using an eclectic ethos is an enjoyable and rewarding way for you and your dog to learn new and useful skills.Using a common sense and balanced approach you will be delighted with progress you and your dog will make.

We will train ANY dog, regardless of size, shape, behaviour or severity. ALL dogs can improve, MOST dogs to a level you would never think possible. SOME dogs take a little longer.
Why havent we changed our main method of dog training? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Why has so much controversy not diminished its popularity? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Amidst the current (and politically correct) trend in Positive Reinforcement Only training systems, what protects and keeps viable our methods? Results. Consistent, predictable, results.