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Does your dog

  • Jump up
  • Bark too much/ unnecessarily
  • Pull on the lead
  • Not obey you
  • Display aggression to family members or other dogs
  • Dig holes in the back yard
  • Not come when called


Our dog training Adelaide basic group classes which are held at Ingle North Primary School on Sundays at 9.30 am and are suitable for dogs of all ages from 20 weeks old ,Our puppy classes are for puppies from  10 weeks of age and over

Our basic course classes run for one hour per week, for eight weeks and are limited to ten dogs per class at the cost of $225 for group classes above 6 months old

Our puppy classes are for puppies from 10 weeks old at a cost of $150

Our next basic course will be May  2nd 2019

Our Puppy Classes are available every Sunday at 9.30

Why not save money and book for our package deal of puppy and basic course

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Problems Fixed

  • Not Listening
  • Pulling on Lead
  • Barking at other dogs
  • Aggression towards dogs and other animals
  • Unreliabilty & Unpredictabilty
  • Possessiveness
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Reactivity

Northern Suburbs Dog Training

Group Classes Dog Training

Offering from Basic to advanced training .We go over and above “normal” training. We train for the real world in real world circumstances

puppy classes

Puppy Classes

We start our puppy classes from 10 weeks old or from second vaccination. A well trained puppy regularly becomes a responsible dog

Our Puppy School accepts dogs from the age of 10 weeks.

  • Name recognition
  • Basic Socialisation
  • Walking on a lead
  • Sits
  • Drops
  • Stands
  • Discuss Dog Behaviour
  • Teaching Learning Priciples
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Our Courses

We accept dogs from 10 weeks of age.

Why Choose Dog Training Adelaide

WE at Dog Training  Adelaide believe dog training should be  an enjoyable and positive rewarding way for you and your dog to learn new and useful skills.Using a common sense and balanced approach you will be delighted with progress you and your dog will make. We  train ANY dog, regardless of size, shape, behaviour or severity. ALL dogs can improve, MOST dogs to a level you would never think possible. SOME dogs take a little longer.Why havent we changed our main method of dog training? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Why has so much controversy not diminished its popularity? Results. Consistent, predictable, results. Amidst the current (and politically correct) trend in Positive Reinforcement Only training systems, what protects and keeps viable our methods? Results. Consistent, predictable, results

There has been an influx of so called “positive only ” dog training schools emerge over the last few years. Claiming that their method of training is scientifically based and humane  and is the only way to train a dog. What they refuse to tell you is that they have taken only part of the science that suits their agenda and disregarded what doesn’t. Please don’t fall into the trap of believing that ” loving your dog” and treating it like a so called ” fur baby” and you being a “pet parent” and continuously giving it food will have an outcome of an obedient dog it

If youré wondering yes of course we use positive reinforcement in our training but that doesn’t mean we don’t set limits on what your dog can do or cant do.Contrary to the now popular belief that if you cover your dog in love and affection and feed it treats it will do anything for you and become a responsible obedient dog, This is further from the truth

You can read here more about dog training methodology here

Terms and Conditions

If you’re reading this, you are probably a really big fan of your dog.

I’m a big fan of your dog too, and regardless of whether or not we end up working together,we at dog training adelaide want to tell you three things we have learned about dog training.

It Works

I know from experience what it feels like to have a dog you love who has behavior you don’t. But it wasn’t my dog’s behavior that was frustrating, it was my inability to do anything about it that led me to seek the help of a trainer. And I discovered the most remarkable thing, something I continue to find remarkable now as I work to help clients with their own dogs – dog training works!

It’s Not Rocket Science

At dog training adelaide we believe as in life, just because it’s complicated doesn’t mean it’s advanced, and just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s simplistic. Quite the opposite in fact – my experience has shown that all good training is basic training. With a solid foundation of academic education and real world experience, a good dog trainer finds the problem, the solution, and lays out an effective and easy to understand game plan. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

It’s A Team Effort

When clients tell me about the fundamental shifts they have seen in their dog, and the improvement they’re experiencing in their day to day lives, my first thought is, “Wow, my dog training abilities are advanced and outstanding, and I can tell animals what to do without using spells, like Tom Riddle (young Voldemort)  in Harry Potter.” But then I remind myself that’s not the case. Because there are no real sorcerers (or whisperers) when it comes to dog training. My clients see remarkable results because we – client, trainer, and dog – come together for a common goal, and that’s the reason I continue to be amazed at the results my clients see – because I don’t make them happen. We do.

I am always inspired by the people I get to meet – whether I work with them or not –  who are committed to improving the quality of their life with their dogs. If you think we might be a fit, let’s talk. It would be an honor and a privilege.

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