New puppy? Dont Know where to start ? .Your older dog has issues? Untrained?book now

Our success shows in the number of happy dogs and clients that have come from our courses. With over ten years experience in puppy development,dog training and dog behavioural issues you can be sure that your puppy or dog will be in good hands with us.

Treating dogs with behavioural issues from aggression to anxiety ,teaching real world dog training and obedience,your puppy will soon become a responsible obedient happy canine companion.

Our succes is because we utilise all facets of operant and classical conditioning. We continually update our methods using the latest information and technologies available. This allows us to treat unwanted behaviours and also identify underlying causes that can improve a dog’s quality of life.

We employ reward based training methods via voice, food or play and in some cases all three. We build the dog’s confidence with their most valued motivator whilst conditioning the desired behaviour.

Our training gives PREDICTABLE CONSISTENT RESULTS. What we do works. Guarenteed

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Dog Doesnt Walk Properly

Does your dog take YOU for a walk or do you take the dog for a walk? It doesn't have to be like that

dogs in place

Does your dog relax and behave inside. Inside the home should never be a place for excitement or play

Real World Training

Real life scenarios. Proofing for the real world. Training for the unexpected

Types of Courses

Our Puppy course is for any puppies between the age of 10 weeks up to 22 weeks. With our guidance all our puppies leave class well socialised and knowing the fundamentals of walking on a loose lead, automatic sits,drop and standing on command. Also name recognition and recalls
Ranging from beginners classes up to advanced obedience. We have a course that will suit any level of obedience you wish to achieve. From just having a dog that performs consistently on lead to a dog that refuses other peoples commands and food refusal from strangers or on the ground. Our basic course is widely sought after .Bookings are essential and classes fill fast
Most issues that dogs and owners have stem from the lack of or incorrect structure at home.Resource guarding,seperation anxiety, in fact most forms of anxiety can be attributed to the lack of structure at home. Let me visit you to show you how to have a responsible calm dog at home.
For those of you out there that want one thing. Have your dog trained and responsible in the shortest amount of time.So you can get on with life knowing that you dog is well trained and obedient. This is a no holds barred ,fast paced ,intensive course where in SIX weeks you will have a reliable confident dog .