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Adelaide Dog Training Adelaide

For over 10 years Adelaide Dog Training have consistently brought out the best behaviour in dogs.I strive to have an outcome of a responsible and reliable dog. Reliability in my mind is the major factor in dog training.Having a dog that will sit, drop, stand, behave and walk on a loose lead all the time is a dog that is reliable. One that you know will do what its told. One that when you tell it to stay IT STAYS


Unlike any other dog training in Adelaide we don’t just let you go after the course has finished. If by some chance you and your dog haven’t reached our standards at the end of the course you are invited to stay on until you do at no extra charge.We want ALL our dogs to leave our dog training school at a high level. They are our greatest advertising and ambassadors.

Training Times for Adelaide Dog Training
Puppy Classes – 9.30 every Sunday Can pay online or on the day No need to book

Basic Classes – 9.30 every Sunday Must Book for entry into new course for the 6th November 2016 Book Now

Intermediate /Advanced 10.00 am

Using commons sense and a structured format in training I achieve this consistently and relatively quickly.

Dog Training Adelaide believes using a “Balanced Approach and Common Sense” in dog training is the most effective training method for teaching your dog desirable behaviours.And ridding your dog of undesirable ones. This method of dog training is based on the simple approach of giving the dog a reward for doing something desirable.

Our dog training approach offers amazingly effective and successful results for correcting unwanted behaviour and rehabilitating dogs with undesired behaviours. Our training gives Consistent, Reliable and Predictable Results. Our balanced dog training gives you both immediate and lasting results. By empowering you with the skills and knowledge of our dog training system you can quickly and easily understand how to create almost any behaviour you want from your puppy or dog.

Dog Training Adelaide has trained countless dogs and in the process acquired a vast knowledge of canine behaviour. Our dog school aims to reduce the number of discarded and destroyed dogs and to help educate dog owners on how to improve the quality of life of their dog. Dogs with undesired behaviours are more often than not turned away from many so called dog training schools. We have brought it upon ourselves to accept ANY dog and we aim to help improve those undesired behaviours through our effective training methods.Again common sense says that these dogs need help more than any other dog.