Puppy Classes Adelaide

When it comes to your puppies training and socialisation only the best should do, as the training your puppy receives during its critical development period of 8-20 weeks, is essential to having a well rounded adult dog.

Most issues seen in adult dogs are a result of lack of or inadequate training during their first 6 months of life. This is why our puppy training classes are run by only the most experienced trainers, who have the knowledge and experience needed, to help you develop and train your puppy.

Our comprehensive puppy school covers all stages of your puppies training, from stopping jumping and biting, through to them becoming a reliable well trained adult dog, which is a pleasure to take out and that can be trusted in all social settings.

Our puppy classes are designed for puppies between 10 weeks and 222 weeks old.We teach structure and consistency. Even though he or she is just a puppy NOW is the time to start putting some guidelines down for its behaviour .Normally a puppy just doesn’t grow out of being a non listening misbehaving animal into a responsible obedient member of you family. Work needs to be done. Applying the skills you learn in this course you puppy will sit,stand and drop on command. Walk calmly on a loose lead, and come to you when called. We start the process of having your puppy obtain polite socialisation skills (in other words behave around other dogs and people). There is no need to book as it is a revolving format. Payment can be made online (secure Paypal) or at the beginning of classpuppy classes



Our puppy training course is a revolving one. There is no set date time.Puppies dont stop growing as you wait for a Puppy training term to start.We accept puppies from 10 weeks old.The course continues until they are 22 weeks old.Puppy Classes are at 9.30 Sunday mornings.

puppy training

 Price $125 up till 22 weeks  Book Now