Advanced Dog Training

Do you want to train your dog? REALLY want to train it? This course is for you.
Dogs must be older than 24 weeks of age up to any age. You must be able to find between 45 to 60 minutes per night to train and accept the fact that YOUR dog is YOUR responsibility.

In Six weeks your dog will perform all the commands from our basic and intermediate classes. As a test at the end of six weeks we have your dog stay in front of automatic opening doors at a shopping centre while you go inside.Have people walking past him with shopping trolleys,kids crying (as they do) and cars driving past. Why you ask ? Because if you dog can achieve that he is never going to move when you stay him at the side of a road or when you sit at a cafe having a latte.We dont want your dog getting up and walking off with a stranger because they called him and we dont want him moving because someone pats him. Sounds mean ? Sounds Tuff? Sounds silly? Well then this isn’t for you.
We dont train dogs to a minimum standard we train for all scenarios some that will never happen. At least then YOU know that your dog is responsible, obedient, calm and most of all trustworthy.

private dog training