Winston the beagle

winston the beagle

Winston the Beagle was surrendered due to a change in his families circumstances. Unfortunately Winston had received little training throughout his life and consequently was a difficult dog to live with and caused problems with his owners new living arrangements. They decided the best thing to do would be to find him a new home and he was surrendered to us to first spend some time in training before having his vetwork completed and going to a carefully chosen new home. Winston was a nightmare to walk initially. This clip does not show how bad he really was but to give you some idea it was not uncommon for him to choke himself to the point of vommitting on walks despite his owners best efforts and use of a harness to stop this from happening. As you can imagine, he was not often walked – it was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Winston is a very smart dog and it did not take long at all to teach him how to walk on a lead properly. All he needed to know was what was expected of him and what he could no longer get away with. Now that Winston can be walked regularly with ease his behavior around the home is much improved and he is no longer engaging in destructive