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We offer in home private dog training. In a one on one situation.Puppy classes in the comfort of your own home .And private dog training in a park near you for older dogs from 6 months.Why a park and not your back yard or street? Because your dog needs to become accustomed to distractions. Balls,other people,other dogs . That is where you want your dog to behave and be responsible

Cost of Private Dog Training

6 week Private Training  $360
Hourly Puppy Classes  $60
Behaviour consults  per Hour  $60

My six week private dog training course is $360 . I meet with you for an hour per week at designated time and place for a duration of six weeks

Every dog can be trained. Of course the younger the easier it is. But  i have trained dogs that are up to 9 years old.Sometimes it takes a little longer but  you can still have a positive outcome. A responsible well behaved dog is a joy to have in your family. One that you can take pretty much anywhere without having to worry if your dog will misbehave

Have you noticed no other training service actually shows real dogs being trained.. Well I do.  There are many in my dog training videos page

Private Training

  •  Foundational work (gaining the dogs attention)
  • Make the dog responsible to a place in life
  • Sit stays and stands
  • Stands and drops
  • Down Stays
  • Approach by stranger and Recalls
  • Further recalls

All this is performed around natural distractions. Sometimes even unnatural distractions.There is absolutely no point having a dog that is well behaved at home but you cant walk it in the real world.