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In Home Puppy Classes

puppy training
  •  One on one puppy classes adelaide training
  • I will customize this program to correct the problems you are facing.
  • I control the environment so your puppies are not nervous or anxious
  • We teach you how to stop, correct, and prevent behavior problems
  • You will learn the foundations for training a dog, so that all obedience training is easier and more fun.
  • My main goal is to create a confident, engaged, and ‘family friendly’ pet.

Cost of Dog Training

In Home Puppy Classes are charged at $60 per hourly session.For puppies from 10 – 15 weeks old

For dogs over 15 weeks old please look at my one on one private dog training


Private Puppy Classes

  • Basic skills
  • Teaching your puppy structure
  • Bite inhibition
  • Toilet training
  • Recognising its name
  • Beginnings of self control
  • Coming when called
  • Socialising

Behavior Training goes far beyond teaching a few tricks, like sit and heel. It helps build calm, confident puppies with good manners:

  • coming when called
  • not crying at night
  • toilet training
  • ‘place’ and ‘kennel’ training
  • not pulling on a leash
  • not jumping, biting, or chewing
  • staying home alone
  • not chasing the cat
  • not jumping on children

Note: This course is designed to give you the tools needed to either socialise and set the foundation for a successfully trained dog. It is not a training course. If I have successfully fixed 1 behavior problem in this course. more often than not the tools needed to fix this one problem gives you the tools to fix others..