Dog Training Videos

Dog Training Video

the misinformation regarding training tools is driven by emotions not fact.

Banning of Prong Collars

The position statements of organisations such as the RSPCA, AVA, PPGA, and similar internationally, are based on cherry-picked and flawed research.

Dog Training Video

Close your mouth, drop your treats, tools and restraints and see exactly what you’ve got

Dog Training Video

12 month cane corso doing stays with distraction

Dog Training Around TTP Modbury

Isnt this where you want your dog to behave? Real world real distractions real life

Winston the puller

Winston the Beagle was surrendered due to a change in his families circumstances. Unfortunately Winston had received little training throughout his life and consequently was a difficult dog to live with and caused problems with his owners new living arrangements.

More training around ttp

Using a length of bricklayers light line to appease council laws