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death before discomfort

Behavioural Issues and Euthanasia

Death before Discomfort | Behaviour issues and Death Rates With the influx of so called “science based dog training” and how it it classed as superior to any other types of dog training ,the question arises why are so many dogs being put down because of behavioural issues? Let me say firstly ..I...
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dog training mindset

Dog Training Mindset

Mindset Wrap your head around this very simple rule of behaviour. It is the rule of Action->Memory->Desire, and goes like this: An action which brings about the condition for some favourable memory will most likely increase the desire to repeat the action in the future. While at the same time,...
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Balanced Dog Training| A return to common sense

Dog Training: Fast Results vs. Soft Approach.    Too many dog trainers are focused on an agenda and less focused on the well being of the dog and client.Fast Results vs. Soft (Positive) ApproachFast results addresses the client’s needs. Every client that comes to you has some sort of problem the...
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straw man fallacy

The Lie About Science Based Dog Training Methods

When a dog trainer advertises them self as a rewards based trainer, what they are indicating is that they use positive reinforcement to mark appropriate behaviours. There is not one training method that is not rewards based, whether you are a positive-only trainer, a force-free trainer, or have a mo...
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dog attacks

Dog Training and Increase in dog bites

Training methods and increase in dog bites The below graph shows the dramatic increase in dog bite hospitalisations over the period 2001 to 2013 in Australia. So what has changed over this period to cause such a dramatic increase? 20  years ago, balanced and traditional training methods were th...
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