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winston the beagle

Winston the beagle Winston the Beagle was surrendered due to a change in his families circumstances. Unfortunately Winston had received little training throughout his life and consequently was a difficult dog to live with and caused problems with his owners new living arrang...
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dog training at ttp modbury

Dog Training at Tea tree Plaza Video

Training at Tea Tree Plaza ,Modbury When you put in the time to train your dog ,things you didn’t think you could achieve happen.The relationship between dog and owner grows and strengthens
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Dogs Dont Lie

What Kind of Dog Collar do you Prefer

Have you ever observed that those who assert themselves as “instant experts” often hold strong opinions on various dog collar types? They contend that each one is inherently flawed for different reasons. A regular flat dog collar is faulted for its inability to deter dogs from pulling, w...
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Redirecting dog behaviour

Redirection does it work

Redirecting and teaching alternate behaviours Barking is a persistent problem behavior that a lot of people face and for some people it’s very very problematic and that’s where you get dogs that are what you might call nuisance barkers or dogs that will bark over enthusiastically. You kn...
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Studies arent all fact

dog training studies

Dog Training Studies Suiting own Agenda Up until maybe 10 years ago, I read a lot of studies, all I could find really on dog training and behaviour.I would sift through the huge number of pages and references included often to find that the method of testing, the environment used, the application of...
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force free dog training

What is Positive Dog Training

I am going to just come out and say it, “all positive dog training” is the biggest lie in the history of dog training and is responsible for more dogs being destroyed than any invention made. It has been concocted by a bunch of university snowflakes who had no real world experience. They propose...
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