Too much dog

Too Much Dog?The problem with many “problem dogs” is that they chose the wrong owner!People often go to a dog trainer because of a problem behavior. The problem behavior is often the result of a dog that has too much drive and not enough to do.

New Age Dog Training

A couple of my friends and I were talking about new age dog trainers sweeping the industry with mass following and strong, compelling messages.

Dog Training Mindset

Dog Training Mindset

Mindset Wrap your head around this very simple rule of behaviour. It is the rule of Action->Memory->Desire, and goes like this: An action which brings about the condition for some favourable memory will most likely increase the desire to repeat the action in the future. While at the same time, an action which brings about [...]
Dog Training Myths

Dog Training Myths

Certain dog training fraternities throughout the world will repeat almost ad nauseum various so called “facts” about dog training and dog behaviour

Training methods and Increase in dog bites

balanced and traditional training methods were the norm. Dog owners weren’t fearful of correcting their dogs to set rules and boundaries and to establish structure based on predictable consequences

Punishment, the evil word in dog training

I am becoming very bored with the statement, "we don't need to use violence to train a dog" The positive-only and force-free (PO/FF) groups say that their training follows the principles of canine behaviour, and that all dogs are instinctively looking to please us, so there is no need to use 'violence'. The term 'violence' in [...]