Dog Behaviour Consults
Dog Behaviour Consults

Initial 2 hour visit then one hour visits thereafter

These are hourly classes suitable for training one or two specific behaviours


Intensive Dog Training Course
Intensive Dog Training Course

Must have an hour per day for training

In 6 weeks

Heel, normal, slow and fast pace,all turns on lead Automatic Sit
Drop/Down dog going straight down
Stand Stay at 10 metres for 60 seconds
Stand for exam
Recall on lead with dog sitting in front
Heel normal, slow and fast pace on lead plus figure 8 and weaving down line. Heeling to be on loose lead
All these are performed responsibly with distractions. eg at parks,car parks ,ovals with crowds

Basic private dog obedience
Private General Obedience

Our Adelaide In Home Private Dog Training is a service for you if you are unable to attend our dog training classes or just have a couple of issues. This in home private dog training service is tailored around a time to suit you and your family and can be done after hours or in weekends. Our Adelaide In Home Dog Training takes place throughout the Adelaide area

Our Home dog training due to coranavirus issues are held at a park near you

Course Length 6 hours .

Lessons one per week

total time 6 weeks

Includes all features of the basic obedience course but on on one

Puppy Course/Pre School
Puppy Course/Pre School

Theses are single classes of 1 hour duration for a maximum of 10 weeks . Up to the age of 20 weeks old from 10 weeks of age.You will learn the various basic commands eg sitting standing drops leah walking,general recall,bite inhibition

Single Puppy Classes
Single Puppy Classes

From 8 weeks to 16 weeks old single 1 hour classes

Just got a new puppy? Not sure how to go about bringing it up correctly?Did you know that from the ages of 8 – 16 weeks is a critical learning period for pups.. What happens in this period normally stays in its mind for its entire life. Be it good or bad