Behavioural Issues and Euthanasia

death before discomfort

Death before Discomfort | Behaviour issues and Death Rates

With the influx of so called “science based dog training” and how it it classed as superior to any other types of dog training ,the question arises why are so many dogs being put down because of behavioural issues? Let me say firstly ..In my 17 years or so of training literally 1000’s of dogs ,all types of dogs with all types of behavioural problems only two yes two did i suggest to be put down..

Because of a growing ethos of if we cant fix the dog using so called “superior scientific new age training” it needs to be put down.In the UK  One in three deaths of dogs under the age of three are put down because of undesirable behavioral issues. Euthanasia was the most common cause of those deaths—75 percent overall. Traffic accidents involving disobedient dogs were another common cause.The study involved data on 264,000 U.K. dogs, and the results underscore the importance of training dogs properly and educating owners.

The common theme that is evolving now is “Death before Discomfort” These people would choose to kill a dog rather than choose to show the dog what is acceptable and what is not. Calling trainers that do not follow their beliefs cruel inhumane callous,lazy and uneducated.It just seems so logical that giving a dog some momentary discomfort that would save the dogs life would be a fair deal ESPECIALLY for the dog! Yet they say “if we need to use such methods its kinder to put the dog down. They have tried all that is aligned with their beliefs. Using only positive reinforcement, controlling the dogs environment ,pumping it full of anti anxiety drugs and if that doesn’t work put he dog down.

So why is it that over the years that i have dealt with dogs i have only suggested twice to do such a thing? Have i been lucky and not had dogs with severe behavioural issues. Yes i have and yes some have taken a bit longer to fix but they are fixed. They have learnt what is appropriate behaviour , have learnt to be responsible.

Reasons for dog deaths

The above pie chart is taken from the rspca website .As you can see the major reason for dog euthanasia are behavioural problems Out of the 5763 dogs in the care of the rspca almost 4000 were euthanased because of behavioural problems. They couldn’t all have been so unbalanced that they needed to be put down..could they?