This agreement binds Dog Training Adelaide to train the above mentioned dog to the standard set out in the class criteria. If at any time the dog is deemed unable to reach this level by the head trainer at Dog Training Adelaide I will receive a pro-rata refund being the balance between the level listed and the level my dog has achieved. I understand and agree that in order to achieve the above standard I must follow the instructions of the trainers and staff of Dog Training Adelaide and attend training at regular intervals and that non attendance does not negate this agreement. Failure to attend more than 3 lessons will be deemed as the client no longer wishes to continue with our service .Also understand that full payment for training undertaken must be paid for in all circumstances.

Booking your dog into our courses deems that you have chosen to undertake training using our training methods and that you have a common understanding of our methods. Bookings are transferable but non refundable

Pre Booking
By booking and paying online at least 14 days before course commencement you will be automatically booked in.  Pre Booking Guarantees a spot in the upcoming Basic Course. Booking  via cash on delivery.does not hold a spot for you in the class please ring to confirm if there are bookings available a week before commencement

Maintenance of Goals.
The owner recognizes that this training session does not train the dog, but instead coaches the owners to train their dog according to skills conveyed and homework provided. In order for the dog to obey the owner, the following must occur:

The owner must understand the basic principles of training (this will be explained and provided by the trainer).
The owner must apply the basic principles of training.
The owner must not interact with the dog in a way that rewards bad behavior and/or punishes good behavior.
The owner must regularly train the dog .Failure to regularly train your dog at home does not constitute a dog deemed untrainable.
The owner must not give commands that they are not ready to reinforce if the dog does not perform.

Dog Training Adelaide does not guarantee training in this arrangement. Much of the training is going to be done by the client. The trainer cannot control whether the client follows the advice, does the homework, is consistent outside of training time, and many other factors. However, if the following is documented for the trainer, but there is not satisfactory improvement in the dog as agreed by the client and trainer, a refund of some sort will be considered:
1. Communication in between lessons of any difficulties or problems that were arising.
2. Proof that homework was accomplished by the ability of the client to produce results of exercises as will be outlined.

Vaccinations and Medications.
The owner is responsible that the dog has been vaccinated.

Aggressive Dogs.
The owner warrants that he/she has disclosed to the trainer any behavior that may indicate that the dog may be aggressive to other dogs or people, included but not limited to growling, forceful barking, snapping, raising of hackles, lowering of head and staring, chasing, attempting to bite, and biting.

All behavioral advice and training suggestions are provided at the client’s own risk. Use of this information is voluntary and Dog Training Adelaide is not responsible for injury to another human or animal. The client is at all times responsible for the actions of their dog. Dog Training Adelaide and Stefano Misseri(The Trainer) is not responsible for any injuries or expenses resulting from socialization or training. Dogs participating in physical exercises may be injured by running, jumping, chasing a ball etc. Client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Dog Training Adelaide and Stefano Misseri(The Trainer).