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puppy classes


Our puppy classes are ongoing meaning when ever you want to start you can. No need to wait for a specific date or intake. As long as your puppy is 10 weeks or older it can join.

Classes are held Sundays from 9.30 am – 10.30 am The puppy course runs till your dog is 20 weeks old

Along with having your puppy in a CONTROLLED social environment we begin teaching the beginnings of sitting, dropping and standing. Getting your puppy accustomed to leash and collar pressure and letting it gain confidence to walk with you. Conditioning your puppy to look at you when its name is called and simple recalls.

Basic Training Course


Course Times are start 9.30 am finish 10.30 am

Course Length 8 weeks


Ideally this is the next step from our Puppy Course .As they have had a great start.Though it doesn’t matter if your dog is trained or untrained , old or young.Our results are predictable and consistent.We dont teach “manners” We teach dogs to make the right decisions ALL THE TIME

Home Consultations


if you’re struggling with dog behaviour issues in the home , you have come to the right place. And you’re not alone! Dogs can bring endless amounts of joy, and they can also bring unexpected levels of stress – what happened to that adorable dog you thought you had? Let us get you back to that happy place so you and your dog can enjoy life, and each other, as much as possible. Isn’t that why you got a dog in the first place?

Price is per hour consultation

Bundled puppy and basic courses


Booking a puppy course and a basic course at the same time saves you 12.5% on purchasing separately. Plus guaranteeing you a place in the next basic course