For those that want to continue to Obedience Trials or just want a dog that stays where you put it ,comes back to you when called, disregards strangers commands, wont take food off the ground or from a stranger and Off lead work. These two courses are for you.It doesn’t matter what type or breed of dog you have. It doesn’t need to be a border collie or German Shepard.In the time frame we take, our dogs out perform most other dogs at other schools.

This course revises over the basic level of obedience level.It will teach your dog to stay in one position and come to your side when called.

  • Sit Stay
  • Stand Stay
  • Drop Stay
  • Ignore strangers commands
  • Return to heel
  • Recall to handler

Advanced Obedience

This course will teach your dog to obey your commands both on and off lead.If you require a very high standard of control this course will achieve exactly that.

  • Revise basic and intermediate courses
  • Off lead heeling
  • Sit on the move
  • Stand on the move
  • Drop on the move
  • Drop and stand at distance
  • Stay in position with handler out of sight
  • Stand for inspection
  • Food Refusal