Frequently Asked Questions

We currently complete all of our payments via PayPal. This allows for purchases either using a PayPal account or using credit / debit card. Through summertime if the temperature at 9 am on the Sunday is 30 degrees  training is cancelled In a nutshell training that works.Is time efficient and money efficient. We use all tools at our disposal . We are not purely positive  we are eclectic.Yes we do use positive reinforcement but also use the other 3 quadrants of learning You have the option to further training in the intermediate and advanced classes. If you chose not to i am still available for questions etc via email You have the freedom to use any collar you wish. Though we do recommend check chains or martingale collars, Normally after a couple of weeks minds change as to which collar performs better on dogs and there is no embarrassment  in changing Certainly! As long as it has no severe mental problems as in nuerological. We do not class anxiety aggression etc as mental problems they can be fixed Going to our shop page you will find the various courses . You can securely pay through paypal. You do not need a paypal account if you use a credit card. Alternatively you can book and pay on the day. BUT it is in your own interests to confirm i still have places left as people that pay before hand of course have priority