Board and train is an option for those who want to put their dog’s development, obedience and confidence in the express lane under the care of our qualified trainers.
We will train ANY dog, regardless of size, shape, behaviour or severity. ALL dogs can improve, MOST dogs to a level you would never think possible. SOME dogs take a little longer.
Your dog will be staying at home with us and our 2 dogs and will receive several training sessions per day. The dog’s behaviour and progression is assessed daily and training adjusted to suit.

Each dog receives a handover appointment at the end of their stay to give you all the information and empowerment needed to continue their training at home. Your dog will also receive a free hydro-bath before returning home.

Board & train is not suitable for those who cannot continue the dog’s training and development after the package is complete. These programs are not suited for those having behavioural issues specific to your home environment.

  Starting from $55 per day 

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