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I have been actively training dogs as a profession for over 10 years. Before then i was under the guiding hand of one of the most well known dog trainers in South Australia for 3 years. In this time i have trained or rehabilitated countless dogs.From your everyday mongrel mutt to high drive on the edge purebred dogs. I do not turn away any dog nor will i ever.
In all my years i have suggested only once that a dog be put down as it was mentally incapable of functioning on the lowest level.I believe the dogs that are the most rowdiest,anxious,stubborn and misinterpreted dogs are the ones that need help the most.Not with drugs but with structure, limits and common sense.
I do not undertake the belief that there is only one way to train a dog . I will use whatever tools that are at my disposal for the benefit of the dog.I am more interested in the outcome rather than the method. This is where i differ to many other trainers that are more interested and fixed on a method regardless of outcome.

I train dogs because i love doing it. I love the positive outcomes, seeing a dog first come to training and seeing it leave as a responsible obedient member of a family.

I would say my approach is a balanced one . Using all 4 quadrants of learning principles based on scientific fact. I know it works by the outcomes i get. One must have structure and consequence in training. A dog will only do what it is good for itself. If it works for the dog it will keep doing it. If it doesn’t work it will stop.Common sense.

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